2015-8-13 AAFPO Board Meeting Minutes

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Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2015

Bubba Davis called the meeting to order at 5:30pm on August 13th, 2015 in the Angel Fire Resort Lodge.

Roll Call

Bubba Davis, President, present

Carla Sides, Director, absent

Lee Hopson, Vice President, present

Catherine Moon, Secretary, present

Brian Smith, Director, present

John Kangerga, Director, present

Drew Maxwell, Director, present

John Goodson, Director, present

Sara Culbreth, Treasurer, absent

Seven members present at roll call, quorum established

Introduction of Guests and Audience Comments

Linda Wier, AAFPO Board Executive Director

John Kitts, Angel Fire Resort

Lynn Heafey, Angel Fire Resort

Jamie Elliott, AAFPO Member & Pickleball Club

Buzz Schwartz, AAFPO Member & Pickleball Club

Rick Hooker, AAFPO Members & Pickleball Club

Deborah Davis, AAPFO Member & Pickleball Club

Jim McPherson, AAFPO Members & Pickleball Club

Guest & Audience Comments

Rick Hooker, President of the Angel Fire Pickleball Club, presented a document which covered the pickleball lines on the current tennis courts. The orientation of the courts causes the sun to be in the players eyes in the late afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky. Rick asked that the board consider changing the orientation of the lines. Rick had discussed this at the last Amenities Committee meeting as well. The second item presented was building a new facility at Olympic Park to enhance the current amenity. There was a discussion amongst the Board, the guests and the resort about the topics.

Approval of Agenda

Lee Hopson made a motion to approve the August 13th 2015 agenda. Drew Maxwell seconded. Hearing no objections, the motion carried and the agenda was approved.

Resort Report

John Kitts discussed the issue of trash cans at the bottom of the mountain. He will look into a solution. On the golf course the resort is going to make a sign for the chipping practice area to let people know it’s for chipping. There will also be signs to direct people to where the driving range is so people will not go down the steep cart path to get to the driving range. The trees reported having fallen on the green belt trails have been taken care of. The amenities monies will be spent by the resort to finish projects. The resort is waiting on the permits for the Olympic Park bridge. The resort is getting two new bids for putting 50 amp power and water to the RV pads at the member RV Park. The resort will also be looking at ways to enhance the stables and make improvements there also.

It was reported that there were some areas at the stable on the fence that needed to be repaired. This will be looked at and repaired if needed.

Drew Maxwell mentioned that the golf course, the trails and the fishing experience were all great and the reports at the Amenities Committee Meeting were all positive.

John Kitts mentioned they are working to fix the leak in the mountain top lake. They are also working hard to get food and beverage up to par. They have hired three new chefs at Legends Grill. The resort is working on fixing some minor things at the Country Club that are broken like patio furniture.

Membership Report

Lynn Heafey introduced Jonathan Williams as the new Director of Membership. Lynn has also hired an Assistant Controller for Membership, Larry Davis.

Lynn passed out a chart showing all the AAFPO Amenity spending from 2008 forward.

Approval of Minutes

John Goodson made a motion to approve the minutes from the board meeting on July 9th 2015. Brian Smith seconded. Hearing no objections the motion passed unanimously.


President – Bubba reported he had nothing new to report.

Treasurer – Linda Wier sent out all the financial reports and Treasurer’s report prior to the meeting for the Board to review.

Secretary – Linda Wier reported that all the minutes were not up to date on the archive site that is hosted by the Shuter Library. Linda is working with Pat McCarty on updating our current website and coming up with a solution to host our own archive website so that we can update the minutes ourselves. Linda will be sending out a link to the updated website so the Board can review the technology updates on the aafpo.org website.

Amenities Committee – Drew Maxwell reported that there will be some carryover for amenities because things may not get done before April 30th. Lynn Heafey will be sending out updated capex reports as soon as they are completed for July 2015.

Legal – Bubba Davis and Linda Wier reported that there is nothing new to report.

AF/EACC – Bubba Davis reported that B.J. Lindsey is the new member on the AF/EACC Committee.

Oktoberfest Update

Lee Hopson reported that the date has changed to October 17th. There will be a golf tournament and then an Oktoberfest event at the same location as last year. The idea was to offer a discount to AAFPO members. Lynn Heafey offered to have membership sell tickets to members in order to get the discount.


Lee Hopson made a motion to approve restriping of the tennis court with the standard 10 and under colors with the reverse orientation of the current striping. The pickleball club will fund the restriping. Brian Smith seconded the motion. The motion carried with one objection from Drew Maxwell.

Next Board Meeting – the next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, September 10th at 5:30pm at the Angel Fire Lodge Board Room.

Bubba Davis adjourned the meeting at 6:20pm

Board Training commenced after meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, September 8, 2015


Linda Wier – Executive Director

______________________ _____________________

Bubba Davis – President Date