2020 AAFPO Board of Directors Election

For the 2020 AAFPO Board of Directors Election, there will be four positions open.  Three of the positions are for three year terms and one position is for a one year term. There are nine members of the Board of Directors with three positions being open each year.

Per the By-Laws of AAFPO, the principal purpose of the annual meeting shall be to elect directors to fill declared vacancies, and to seat the new Board of Directors for the ensuing year.  This year, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the annual meeting will not be conducted in its “normal” manner in order to comply with the mass gathering and social distancing restriction.  However, the election of directors will still take place. 

We are happy to announce that we have ten (10) candidates running for the four (4) Board of Directors open positions this year.  The top three (3) vote recipients will fill three (3) year positions while the fourth-place vote recipient with fill a vacant position for one (1) year.  Ties will be broken via a random drawing of names. 

For detailed candidate profiles 

You may vote for up to four candidates for each property owned or you can have a “proxy” vote for you.  Designated proxy voters must be members in good standing and their e-mail must be provided in order to distribute the ballots electronically. Proxy ballots will NOT be mailed out hardcopy. Proxy delegations will not be accepted following close of business, 5:00PM MDT, June 12th 2020.   

There will be three ways to vote this year due to COVID-19 effects.

  • Electronic voting will be available to all members in good standing who have an email address on file with Membership.
  • Ballots will be mailed to members in good standing who do not have email addresses on file with Membership.
  • Voting on June 27th 2020 will be available from 8:30am-10am at the Angel Fire Resort Lodge in the hallway outside Conference Room A. (COVID-19 restrictions will be enforced)

If you have questions on voting you can e-mail executive-director@aafpo.org or call 575-613-4156.