Angel Fire Environmental and Architectural Control Committee (AFE/ACC)

A Reminder for Building in the Angel Fire Resort:

The Angel Fire Environmental and Architectural Control Committee (AFE/ACC) was formed in 1965, by the then owners of the Angel Fire Resort, to protect your investment /your property values. Later, after the 1995 bankruptcy filing, AFE/ACC became a sub-committee of the Association of Angel Fire Property Owners (AAFPO. ) The purpose of the AFE/ACC is to assist in the regulation of the development of each subdivision in the Angel Fire Resort, according to the deed restrictions pertaining to the recorded Declaration of Restrictive Covenants. Please remember that we are here to help keep your property values up and our Resort at a high standard.

How do I get a copy of my Covenant? Either from your realtor; or download a copy at, go to Declaration of Restrictive Covenants and then to your subdivision (as shown on your deed); or stop by our office (located in the “Angel Fire Resort Real Estate and Land Co Building” at 10 North Angel Fire Road, 2nd Floor, Angel Fire, NM ) and we can help you.

The AFE/ACC is responsible for issuing building permits, according to the Restrictive Covenants. Please apply for a permit before you build.


Any New Construction Any Exterior Remodeling
Homes Roof Replacement
Garages New Siding
Landscaping (Valley of the Utes) Decks
Roof Extensions
Deck Additions
Sheds Color Changes
Fences Retaining Walls

If you are making any improvements to your lot, home or landscaping please call our office at (575) 377-1135 or to see if a permit is needed.

To schedule inspections, please call Tim Bertucci at (918) 399-6149.

The AFE/ACC office is currently open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 1pm by appointment only due to social distancing currently in effect.

The AFE/ACC meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 9:00am.

All applications must be submitted by Thursday at noon prior to Tuesday committee meetings.  Applications may also be submitted electronically to

Permits Forms:

Minor projects application form

Building application form

Extension request form

Variance request form

Change request form

Maintenance Application

We no longer have a Tree Thinning permit.  For slash pickup, please call the Village of Angel Fire to obtain a slash permit.