News from AAFPO: July 17, 2020

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July 17, 2020

Throughout Angel Fire we are weathering the challenges of Covid 19 restrictions.  All member amenities are open to the greatest extent possible while respecting the state of New Mexico guidelines.  We appreciate all of the members’ cooperation!

After all the tallying was completed on June 27th for the 2020 Board of Directors, the four new Directors elected are Sandra Trom, Ginger Lagasse, Holly Ham and Carol Rupp.  The new Directors joined existing Directors Penni Davey, Drew Maxwell, Krysty Ronchetti, Brian Smith and Julie Woodman.  The Board immediately met and elected the following officers and committee chairs:

  • President:  Ginger Lagasse
  • Vice President:  Penny Davey
  • Secretary:  Sandra Trom
  • Treasurer:  Carol Rupp
  • Amenities Chair:  Drew Maxwell
  • Finance Chair:  Holly Ham

The Board went to work and quickly identified areas of improvement.  After careful consideration, the Board has opted to fulfill the designated responsibilities as prescribed by the AAFPO By-Laws through the Officers, rather than through an Executive Director position.

Our near term priorities include: 1) implementing fiscal accountability to AAFPO finances, and 2) assisting, however we can, the Environmental and Architectural Control Committee (EACC) efforts. 

We are improving AAFPO record keeping systems because few records were available after 2012 and since earlier documents weren’t filed in accordance with a file plan.  We are working to update expenditure accountability and budget process procedures to which we must adhere. We’ve streamlined the Homeowner Association Disclosure Statement process and comply with the NM State law requiring AAFPO to annually notify all members of budgets for which their dues are spent.  We’re also improving the AAFPO website to make it easier for members to communicate with the board and to acquire relevant information.  This website posting, News from AAFPO, is our initial attempt to provide timely AAFPO news to members.

The board strives to continue the hard work so that we may implement improved controls and necessary procedures at the next board meeting on August 13th.  We will also start to fill board director vacancies due to resignations at the July 9th meeting.

Thank you for your interest in AAFPO.  We are working hard to serve our members!  And, thank you for your trust in the AAFPO Board of Directors!

Ginger Lagasse

President, AAFPO